The Older Dog Deserves To Be A House Trained Dog


Have you ever heard that you can’t teach an old dog new trick? I have, but I don’t know why they say that.

Did that phrase make someone famous for saying it? Well, it doesn’t really matter because training an old dog is similar to training a new dog.

It might take longer because of it being used to certain ways, but you can train an old dog. Don’t think anything is impossible. Except for maybe teaching a dog to soar through the air.

Flying is not possible. Dogs are not born with wings. I’m not on the subject am I? This article will have tips to train your older dog for a dog house. They can also be used for a puppy.

House training a puppy can be time consuming and hard. Puppies don’t know any better, so they go to the bathroom wherever they feel like it.

Puppies go to the bathroom pretty much wherever they need to. This could happen on your carpet, bed or anywhere.

Older dogs will do the same as a puppy if they are not trained. The best thing you can do to stop this is to implement a schedule for going outside.

Take them out every thirty minutes to begin with.

Try not to break the schedule. If you do your dog will continue to go on your favorite rug. When this happens, and it will believe me I’ve been there, soak the stain with a paper towel.

Take the paper towel outside, holding your nose if you have to. Find an appropriate spot for your dog to go to the bathroom and put the towel there. Let your dog sniff it, putting its nose in it if you have to.

This will show them where to go to the bathroom instead of in the house. Remain on your schedule.

Your dog will soon learn to alert you when it needs to go by standing near the door. Don’t wait too long to let them out or they’ll go back to going on the floor inside.

This way to train your dog is the most effective way. I hope this works to better train your dog and help your home to smell better.

All the best in your endeavors with training your best friend.

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