What about Dog Food Allergies?


I think I can appreciate why dog lovers go to a big box store or their local grocer and purchase a bag of cheap dog food. I understand that money is tight and some people need to save every penny they can. However, I wonder if they are really saving money buying a grocery / box store brand name.

For years companies have been making an effort to become more profitable and in the process some have cut corners on the ingredients of their dog food in order to make this happen. For instance, instead of putting more meat in their food, perhaps they use a cheaper ingredient. Now, don’t get me wrong, this ingredient will fill the dog up just like the meat, and some dogs aren’t even bothered with fillers like corn meal and wheat. While they are at it, some companies add more fat to the product to improve the flavor so the dogs will eat the food and actually enjoy it.

Some dogs are not bothered by the changes made to inexpensively made foods with filler ingredients. From day to day, they can eat these foods and no one will notice any side effects. Is there really an issue?

Let’s look at this another way, would you want to eat fast food every day for the rest of your life? While you may not notice any difference in a day or perhaps two (although I know I do), how would you feel after a week of eating that stuff? This is the same thing we’re doing to our dogs by giving them fillers and by-products. Most dogs can eat it without any problems in the short term and actually enjoy it because of the added fat. Mmmm… doesn’t that sound yummy?

Sometimes though, the dog allergy symptoms might take weeks to occur with your dog scratching at places where there wasn’t a problem earlier. Maybe this itching was caused by other issues like fleas and no one thinks of the food as a suspect. Eventually, the subtle scratching becomes worse and before you know it, a dog food allergy is in full effect.

By the time your dog is due for his next vet appointment, he may be scratching almost the entire day but you don’t comprehend why. While at the vet, your dog gets a steroid shot, but once it wears off the dog allergy symptoms return.

This was my experience with what can happen with dog food allergies. A cheap bag of dog food now may give your pup dog food allergies in the future and end up costing you a lot more money than you intended.

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