Talking To Your Vet Can Help You To Get Rid Of Ear Mites


The presence of the otodectes cynotis mite in your pets ears can cause scratching and digging to the point of severe damage. These mites get into the ear canal and begin to thrive in laying eggs. What can you do for getting rid of ear mites in your dog or cat?

The first thing you should do in any kind of ailment your pet may have is to schedule a trip to the vet. Making sure of what you are treating is the best when some diseases carry the symptoms of other things. You may think you are treating mites in the dog that has a yeast infection in the ear instead, make sure you have a positive diagnosis of anything you can treat at home.

Otodectes cynotis is the name for the mite that will infect the ears of dogs and cats. While it rare that humans get this mite trouble in their ears, it has happened, . Make sure to always wash your hands well after performing treatment for this problem. You should use only the treatments recommended by your vet as well.

Making sure to stop itching is important because of the damage a cat or dog can do to their ears from the constant scratching. Many times, you will see pets leave the vets office wearing that funny collar. This is an Elizabethan collar and will help tremendously in saving your pets ears from the scratching damage they can do.

The treatment of ripped and torn flesh around the ears may be an intricate part of the treatment your vet prescribes. You will need to make sure you follow through with this treatment to keep infection from getting worse. You may be advised to use an Elizabethan collar for your pet to help the refraining of scratching until healing is done.

You might have noticed a black and sticky substance being thrown from your pets ears when they shake their head. They may shake their head continually and sometimes violently to try and get rid of the sensations being caused by the mites. This black and waxy mixture is actually the feces of the mites and ear wax. Your vet will clean this out the first time. You need to continue gently wiping the outer ear with a cotton ball while finishing treatment at home.

Maintaining the good health of a dog and a cat means going to regularly scheduled appointments at your vet. Preventative care is the best kind of care to keep things like ear mites from becoming a bigger problem.

If your pet has horrible ear mites, then this is annoying to the pet and cause them to scratch their ears until they are bloody. You definitely need a home remedy for ear mites and we want to help you.

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