Finding The Right Horse Rugs


Regardless of whether you are planning to buy your first horse, or if you have many horses already, this useful guide to horse rugs may help you. Though there are traditional horse rugs that have been popular for generations, it is now also possible to choose from a wide variety of excellent horse rugs online. The quality of these rugs from all over the world continues to be top notch. There are so many choices online that deciding which is best may be challenging. With so many more offerings now, you may welcome this little guide.

Depending upon your climate and horse, you will need several different rugs in varied weights. You should also keep in mind that whatever the weight, a rug is designed to tear away from the horse in the event it becomes tangled or torn. This is for the safety of the horse, and has nothing to do with the quality of the rug. With that being said, you must decide which rugs you need.

Regardless of the season, rugs are designed to tear away from any horse when tangled or torn. This is a safety measure that does not reflect on the quality of the rug. In the wintertime, you should choose a heavyweight turnout rug. It is designed to protect a clipped or finer horse from severe cold. But, do keep in mind that some fabrics will make your horse sweat and become damp. Try to avoid those in favour of fabrics that breath a little. This will help to keep your horse safer, too.

In the spring time, you should plan to have a lightweight rug. If the horse you have is hardy with a heavier coat, you may even be able to use this same rug year round. Some owners do this regularly, but they have an extra fleece liner handy if extra warmth is needed. This plan can be used in the autumn as well.

For the times when the horse is stabled, you should own a stable rug. These are generally made of warm fleece. This type of rug is essential when a horse is not able to exercise to generate warmth. Standing in a stable can be quite cold.

Sometimes, owners feel that one good, year round rug is sufficient for every weather change. The most traditional versions are made of canvas that can be waxed to keep out rain. These are called New Zealand rugs after the original ones. They continue to be popular over many generations of horse lovers.

The horse will need to be measured for any kind of rug. The online site you visit should include charts to help you measure in common systems for horses. These are known as Hands, British, and Continental. Whichever you use, you may plan to measure any horse from centre of the chest to the centre of the rear, ending in line directly under the top of the tail. If you are not certain you are measuring correctly, just contact the online company for their help.

Some specialty rugs include fly sheets to protect your horse from biting flies. Also available are rugs that will wick excess moisture away from the coat. These are referred to as show rugs. Some companies offer magnet filled rugs that are said to improve circulation and muscle tone. These specialty items may help any horse to feel better.

When you make your online comparison of the many top manufacturers of horse rugs, do consider pricing, styles, availability, shipping times, and taxes to be added before you buy. There are many, many quality rugs to choose from, and your decision making may be a bit time consuming. Remember to use these websites for their links to other horse related sites. Once you have done a bit of online window shopping, you will know what you want.

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