Use An Indoor Dog Potty When You Can’t Take Your Pooch Out


Having an indoor dog potty is perfect for those times when you can’t get out with your dog or if you have a small dog that you want to be an indoor doggy. House cats get a bathroom of their own, why not let your small dog have a place that they can go too.

You can find different styles and designs for an indoor dog potty, all of them are suitable to keep in the house and give your dog plenty of room. The variations on the style range from the upper material that your dog will step on, to how the liquid waste is collected. When pads are not enough look into a potty.

The idea with the indoor dog potty is to make your dog feel comfortable enough to go to the bathroom and for you to not notice an odor every time they relieve themselves. All of the potties have a plastic pan with some type of grate or grass that will let the liquid waste filter through to either newspapers or a pad that are placed in the pan.

Dog training for dummies tells you that it is easier to train a puppy to go on the one with a grate, an older dog who is used to going outside will more than likely want the grass top. When something changes in your life and you need to keep your dog inside the grass will probably work better.

You also need to take your ability to clean the potty into consideration. The pad or newspaper at the bottom of the pan, will need to changed frequently to avoid an odor. The grate may is easier to clean than the grass which needs to washed thoroughly with warm water and soap. The pan itself also needs to be cleaned to avoid bacteria and odor.

To summarize, the indoor dog potty for your pet is perfect if you cannot get our to walk your dog. The models with the grates are best for a new puppy, these models need to have some type of absorbent pad in the pan that will need to be changed frequently. The indoor dog potty with the grass, has a basin that collects the liquid, so you only pull out that piece and wash it, along with grass. You know your needs and your dogs preferences best and since these can get rather expensive it is best to choose your indoor dog potty after careful consideration.

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