What You Need To Know Before Buying A Leonberger Dog


I am pretty sure nearly all of you are considering purchasing this breed of dog right now. First of all I would like to state how great of an addition this dog can add to your family. Their average lifespan have been known to be around 7 years, that is 4 lower than other breeds of comparable size. They are an amazingly strong and kind dog. If you provide them with a proper diet, they will lead an extremely healthy life also. Like any other dog though, they have some issues that you’ll need to take care of or make sure they don’t have before purchasing.

The primary issue you should lookout for can be an aggression issue, as they can be a dangerous dog. An aggressive leonberger is extremely rare, however still possible. There are many reasons for a leonberger to become aggressive such as: poor training, mean past owner, or a very traumatizing experience when it was a puppy. Nearly any dog alive would be somewhat aggressive if faced with those problems, but the dog we are talking about is quite big and could be dangerous if it desired to be.

If the leonberger you are thinking about getting is already fully grown then you will need to find out if it has had early socialization or any other form of training. Having socialization training is a necessity when around a lot of young children at the very least. You don’t want your dog getting angry at children for not leaving him alone one too many times. To prevent this from happening you ought to teach the kids as well as your dog how to treat each other. Sometimes if you hire an expert you can still train an older dog to react better to people, it’ll take time and money though. So if you need to avoid this all together find one that is already around a lot of people.

Compared to other dogs of their size, they require suprisingly little room. They are a very active dog, however, and require a walk every day. If you merely allow them to burn off some energy walking round the block once or twice they will be a lot more well behaved and less energetic. There are lots of thinking toys for dogs out there that you ought to get for your leonberger because they enjoy being mentaly stimulated. These are usually found at any local pet store and usually say right on the label for brain stimulation of your dog.

All in all these are excellent dogs which are very beautiful and amazingly loyal. They will make a great addition to any family. If propery trained they’ll live long and healthy lives together with getting along with people and children.

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